Message from our founders

The history of transport, has always been one of disruption, innovation and incessant technological advancements. In this pivotal point in human history, the job at hand requires us to transform the sector yet again. Drawing from our traditional knowledge and industry connections within the business, and injecting into it the innovative technological know-how in accelerating this cultural transition, we are steadfastly driving towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

In the same way that the telecommunications industry was disrupted in the early to mid 2000s, so is the automotive industry today. Drawing on our professional experience, the conclusion is crystal clear: In the same way that the phone has become the means by which to sell the data plan, the eV is the vehicle by which to eventually sell energy. WeVee Technologies is therefore perfectly and timely positioned to ultimately become the technology/data company in full capacity to sell KWs per distance travelled.

Our ambition is for WeVee Technologies to become, in the same way as the Airbnb/Priceline platforms, the go-to eMobility lifestyle platform. What Spotify and Netflix represent to the telecommunications industry, WeVee Technologies is to energy, insurance and leasing companies; and that is how we view our value.

What sets this colossal undertaking apart from any others in both of our professional careers, is that it is triggered by a very personal need, a fatherly instinct, to play an active role in delivering a (better) future for the generations to come. Generations that we have brought into this world ourselves. Children who are looking at us straight in the eye, rightfully expecting us to have the answers and the solutions so early in their lives. We shall not fail them.

Paul Fagan and Rahmyn Kress