eMobility solutions

Join us on our mission towards sustainable mobility and be an integral part of a better future

The WeVee app

The everyday tool for eV drivers. Offering charging station locations, single payment gateway and route planning optimisation, the WeVee app enables clean, convenient and seamless commuting and/or travel.

Corporate leasing

Accelerate the transition to eMobility through WeVee’s pioneering eV program. There is zero cost to the organisation, and switching to eVehicles creates tax savings for both the company and the employee.

Corporate pool cars

Access electric Vehicles without commitment. By creating a pool of ready-to-drive eVs, made available to all employees, we collectively accelerate the transition and create a positive impact.

Car sharing

Connect to a global network of electric cars, available to rent, or offer yours within the community when you are out of town. Browse and book through the WeVee app. Each eV comes fully insured and with green energy credits.

Micro mobility

WeVee is the micro mobility resource and carbon zero travel enabler. Locate and book eScooters and eBikes wherever you are and instantly increase your green travel.