Corporate leasing

Make the switch to electric vehicles

Transitioning to eVs empowers CEOs to meet strict carbon emission targets in Scopes 1 and 3 and harness valuable carbon credits, enabling employees and the organisation to become leading examples in their sector and beyond.

Employees can browse, compare and order their new eVehicle through the WeVee portal – there are over 200 models and sizes to choose from, ranging from Fiat, VW and Honda through to Tesla and Porsche.

WeVee delivers the brand new electric vehicle to the company, who takes on the lease. The employee pays monthly through company payroll, from their gross salary, making electric vehicles instantly more affordable. The company saves with reduced tax and everyone wins with less carbon emissions.

Each WeVee car comes with an all-inclusive offer of insurance, maintenance, winter tyres, and the option to preload 3 yrs worth of prepaid energy which counts towards offsetting your organisation’s carbon emissions.

Be part of the next generation eMobility program. To find out more, email