Corporate pool cars

Electric vehicles without commitment

Corporate pool cars enable WeVee electric vehicles to be shared within your organisation, making best use of your eVs and ensuring all employees can enjoy driving an electric vehicle.

The company takes on a 3 yr lease for each WeVee eVehicle, which comes with insurance, maintenance and winter tyres, and the option to preload 3 yrs worth of prepaid energy which counts towards offsetting your organisation’s carbon emissions.

Bookings are made on the WeVee pool car app, and through the WeVee pool car administration system you can manage the vehicles, their availability and generate reports. 

Transitioning to eVs empowers CEOs to meet strict carbon emission targets in Scopes 1 and 3 and harness valuable carbon credits and tax benefits.

By creating a pool of ready-to-drive electric vehicles, for all employees, we ease you into eMobility and collectively accelerate the transition to eMobility and positive impact.