WeVee’s relentless approach to marketplace collaboration is bringing incredible partners to the table.

WeVee cooperates with Arval, the full service leasing and mobility expert, to offer the tailored solutions for employees through salary sacrifice in Electric Vehicle Leasing.

E-Gap operate a fleet of mobile charging units which travel to the subscriber’s eV and fast charge it, without the eV driver needing to be present. WeVee has secured preferential rates for WeVee clients and app users.

Enel Way’s fast on-site and award winning Juicebox charging stations are designed for larger sites and to quickly increase fleet electrification, as well as rack and reduce C02 emissions. Preferential rates have been agreed for WeVee clients.

FINN is the preferred provider of short term leasing- subscription electric vehicles, giving WeVee clients quick access to affordable eVs through Salary Sacrifice, for terms from 1-36 months, as well as covering any gap between the order and delivery of their new eV.

WeVee’s global strategic leasing partnerships include LeasePlan, one of the world’s leading Car-as-a-Service companies, who provide their wide range of EVs.

Polestar is the preferred eV partner for the WeVee Pool Car program and supplier to the WeVee eMaaS. We are currently securing 100 WeVee branded Polestars for the Car Pool program in Germany.

In partnership with Pilot Charger, WeVee offers a mobile autonomous hyper charger solution, with two charge points. The hyper charger uses bio-ethanol to produce green energy for eV charging. It is portable and can be set up at WeVee clients within two weeks. Preferential rates have been negotiated for WeVee clients.