About us

We’re leading the eV transition with industry partnerships, happier drivers and a measurable sustainable footprint.

WeVee is a European deep tech/cleantech company driving sustainable living through AI, smart technology and personalised experiences.

Founded in 2021, WeVee develops, operates and licenses B2B/B2C platforms that are designed to accelerate the take-up of eVs by harnessing government incentives.

WeVee Corporate Leasing is a B2B leasing platform that helps employers reduce CO2 emissions and employees make savings through Salary Conversion.

The WeVee app is designed to simplify charging and reward sustainable driving.

The WeVee ecosystem drives the transition to a greener future by providing a comprehensive suite of smart solutions that keep up with the ever-changing needs of businesses and individuals.

Our mission is to accelerate the switch to eMobility and encourage sustainable consumption by simplifying the processes involved and turn them into a positive experience.