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WeVee Corporate Leasing

The tax-efficient B2B eV leasing platform for businesses and employees.

The one-stop eV leasing shop

WeVee Corporate Leasing is a platform that delivers a fully-managed service from order to delivery. It enables employers to substantially reduce their Scope 3 CO2 emissions via quick implementation of country-specific benefits schemes (Salary Conversion and GHG Quota) and allows employees to make considerable savings on their leasing costs.

Tailored to your company

  • Dedicated URL with your branding.
  • Choose which cars to make available to your employees.
  • Automated setup and integration, requiring no additional resources or capital expenditure.
  • Free to setup and use.

Employee benefits

  • Brand new eVs for up to 40% less (net benefit compared to standard retail prices).
  • Choose from over 400 eV makes/models.
  • Personalised price quotes based on salary and tax status.
  • All-inclusive package (fixed motoring costs).
  • eV availability from within 2 weeks for lease periods of 6-36 months.
  • Seamless online ordering with 24/7 support.
  • Optional WeVee wall box for the home.

Employer benefits

  • Complete packaged offering: leasing, insurance, maintenance, winter tyres and early termination cover.
  • Reduction in employer Social Security and National Insurance contributions.
  • ESG reporting and credit ratings improvement.
  • Added shareholder value.
  • Talent acquisition and retention.
  • Enhanced sustainable branding.
  • Reduction in employer’s commuting subsidies.
  • Charging solutions available.

Join the revolution and make the switch to eVs today.

To find out how WeVee Corporate Leasing can work for your company, email client@weveetech.com or complete the form below.